Wicab Engineering Pvt Ltd.

Service & Support

Wicab Engineering P Ltd : A Technology Driven organisation provides various services:
Wicab has expertise in insulating material & Insulation process for different conductors. Design aspects based upon: working temperature (–500C to +6000C); Working voltage - upto 50 kV / BDV upto 90kV, low leakage current (a few mA) High conductor current density (upto 50 Amp/sqmm); Conductor to Insulation Area Ratio as high as 67:33: excellent mechanical parameters and Insulation Inertness for various known chemicals.

  •   Professional Advisory Services - for application of wires and cables in various industrial and process industries and also for Appliances and equipments.
  •   Design services - For providing the design and development of wires and cables based upon the application parameters and Usage environment like Marine, Mines and collieries, Chemical plants...considering the various Electrical, Mechanical, Thermal parameters as well as Chemical Environmental conditions while considering the required Physical Dimensions..
  •   Repairs & maintenance services - For providing repairs and maintenance services for costly cables.
  •   Testing and Measurment services - We provide the testing services on different Wires and cables for different parameters through our test laboratory.