Wicab Engineering Pvt Ltd.

Development & Testing

Design & Development - Wicab has well-equipped Technology Development Centre (TDC) with Testing equipments & Measuring Instruments. Company has world-class capability for design of wires & cables for wide range of application and varied Industrial requirements and has developed several unique products in its facility. Wicab has achieved high reduction in insulation thickness over conductor with the conductor to insulation ratio of 2:1 (which normally is 1:1). Wicab has developed and manufactures high current density (High Amperage) wires up to 40 amps per sq mm of conductor.

Wicab has unique capability to design and develop the wire / cable to address the industrial requirement or problem for specific applications considering technical specifications, environmental parameters / weather conditions, Electrical and Electronic parameters and specifications, Mechanical ruggedness / Abuses / Abrasions / Mechanical Load & Pressure / Bending Radius & Flexibility etc / Thermal conditions over large temperature range / Chemical inertness / UV or IR or Corona / physical dimension constraints.

Product Testing :

  •  Type Test: Wicab Manufactured products are 100 % tested for Type test for satisfactory performance characteristics for the intended application.
  •  Routine Tests are made on 100% products for the integrity of the manufactured products.
  •  Acceptance Tests are carried out on sample taken from a LOT for the acceptance of the LOT.
  •  Destructive Tests are carried out on some samples for the extreme conditions.