Wicab Engineering Pvt Ltd.

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Wicab Engineering Pvt Ltd (www.wicabindia.org), an ISO 9001:2015 accredited and CE safety compliance company, was established in National Capital Region (NCR) of New Delhi India, in year 2005 having specializations in "design, Development, Manufacturing and servicing” of the “Special Electrical and Electronic and Telecommunication Wires and Cables".

Wicab Engineering Pvt Ltd under brand name of ‘Wicab’, manufactures a vast range of products for varied industrial application covering wide range of parameters and characteristics; thermal range from -50 Deg C to +400 Deg C; operating voltage range from pV 10ˉ¹² V up to 90 kV Power / operating or signal; Mechanically breakage load up to 40 kg/mm2; with chemical inertness either absolutely non-affected by any kind of known chemical or to limited inertness to desired chemicals; as well as UV protected / corona resistant, if so required.

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