Wicab Engineering Pvt Ltd.

Our Technology

Wicab - The Technology Company : It continuously envisage for the products for futuristic industrial applications and requirements. Wicab uses its know-how about various insulating material and their characteristics and multiple / composite insulation process techniques and keep updated the future trends and research about compounds range in Fluoropolymers, Fluorocarbons, Polymers/ Plastics etc.

Conductor - Wicab manufactures / uses different types of conductor i.e. Copper, Aluminum, Nickel, Tin Plated Copper, Silver Plated Copper,, Nickel Plated Copper, Silver Plated Nickel, Copper Clad Aluminum, NiCr, Alloys, Kanthal wire etc. The conductor sizes are solid wire as small as 46 AWG (0.061 mm diameter) and up to 4.0 mm whereas bunched / stranded conductor up to 300 sq mm, Single core or multi cores.

Insulating and Jacketing material - Wicab uses Thermoset materials, Thermoplastic materials and Polymers & Rubbers and Fluoropolymers materials & Thermoplastic Elastomers materials for Insulation and jacketing. Polypropylene, Polyethylene, PVC , HDPE / MDPE / LDPE, PTFE / FEP / ETFE, FHF, Kapton, Polyetheretherketone (PEEK), Estane, XLPE, Polyamide, Nylon, Silicon Rubber, Nitrile Butadiene Rubber; Butadiene Acrylonitrile Rubber, Liquid enamel polyester, Polyamide-imides, Polyamide, Polyurethane, high temperature insulation up to 400℃ and Composition of multi-insulation.

Insulation processing technique , Wicab has in-house facilities for

  •  Fluid / Liquid Insulation Process
  •  Granules Extrusion Insulation process
  •  Tape wrapping and sintering Insulation process
  •  Combination of above process for multi-insulation requirement